Swimming Pool Rules

The pool and clubhouse are important assets for all Fox Bay residents. These assets need everyone’s vigilance to insure their value and condition is maintained. Failure to adhere to the following rules may result in the loss of pool privileges and/or a Restoration Assessment for any damage or destruction of the pool area by a Fox Bay homeowner, family, guest, tenant, or leasee as provided for in the Covenants (Article IV, Section 5, Page 15).

For the safety of all Fox Bay residents the pool area has video motoring at all times.  If something happens please contact the Board as soon as possible so we can kept our pool area safe and enjoyable for all residents.


  1. Pool hours are 7 AM to 10 PM every day, except when closed for maintenance. Length of the pool season shall be set by the Board of Directors.
  2. The pool is for use by Fox Bay residents. A Fox Bay resident must accompany any guests. The maximum number of guests shall be five (5) per homeowner.
  3. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the pool area without parental supervision.
  4. All swimming is at your own risk. No lifeguard will be provided.
  5. Diving, running, diving off the planters, playing in the flower beds, loud music, offensive language, inappropriate behavior, horseplay, or any other activity that interferes with the enjoyment of others shall be grounds for loss of pool privileges.
  6. Risky behavior increases the liability of all Fox Bay residents. Residents who witness this type of activity should try to control this behavior to the greatest extent possible.
  7. Proper swimwear is required in the pool area.
  8. Items such as balloons, etc. are prohibited as they can cause blocking or plugging of the pool lines and equipment.
  9. No glass containers of any kind are allowed in the pool area.
  10. Residents should remove all trash and restore the pool area, including bathrooms, before leaving.
  11. Lock bathrooms and gates when leaving the pool area.
  12. Remove all personal items (floats, towels, rafts, goggles, etc.) when leaving the pool area. The Association does not maintain a Lost and Found and is not responsible for any items left behind.
  13. Alcohol and drug consumption by minors is prohibited. Violators will be reported to the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department.
  14. Vehicles parked in the clubhouse parking lot shall bear a Fox Bay decal or risk being towed.
  15. Entrance gate should be kept closed at all times.
  16. Only proper swimming attire is allowed in the pool.

You must clean up any mess that you create.